Many Metals. Many Industries. One Solution: NUBURU Blue Laser Technology


The NUBURU® blue laser is absorbed very well by copper, aluminum, gold, and other reflective metals. That makes it the premier solution for materials processing applications across a wide range of industries.

Energy Storage

Rechargeable batteries are constructed from several tiers of copper structures of varying geometries and thicknesses. Defect-free blue laser welding adapts to all those situations, welding the most complex interfaces with straightforward process parameters and no spatter.

E-Mobility / Automotive

The blue laser brings all the advantages of energy storage, along with the ability to weld greater thicknesses of copper, and both structural and electronic aluminum alloys. NUBURU Blue laser welding also produces the highest quality welds in dissimilar metals, joining copper, stainless steel, and aluminum.


The NUBURU blue laser is a high-speed, energy efficient tool for performing high density laser metal deposition. The blue laser enables both cladding and 3D printing for copper and other highly reflective metals.


The highly efficient high-density laser metal deposition of the blue laser enables innovative design for medical devices, prosthetic joints, and full prosthetics. The flexibility of laser processing allows for rapid production of units composed of varied component structures.

Consumer Electronics

Blue laser welding is especially valuable for the compact layouts of consumer electronic devices. Void- and spatter-free welding of copper and dissimilar metals provides low electrical resistance and high mechanical strength. The wide process window and fast process speed optimizes device fabrication.


Historical precedent shows that the availability of new technical capabilities provides a foundation for new research. The reliability, flexibility, and power of the blue laser will open new frontiers for fundamental and applied research.


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