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NUBURU has invented and is manufacturing the world’s first revolutionary high-power blue laser

Our application-centric platform of high-power blue lasers can transform metal cutting and welding, and additive manufacturing

Nuburu Laser Focus WorldNUBURU Prism Awards Finalist


Superior Efficiency

  1. Physics dictates the efficiency of energy absorption: Compared to industry-standard IR wavelength, blue absorption is 3 – 20x better
  2. Blue Laser enable process speed gains of 2-10x

Net Benefit

  1. 2x to 10x metal processing performance of IR fiber lasers that are the current industry-standard
  2. Dramatically improves process performance and process windows
  3. Blue Lasers enable welding processes not possible or with low yields with IR

NUBURU AO® blue laser enables conduction welding mode currently not possible with infra-red lasers

  1. Thin and mid-size thicknesses
  2. Up to 25m/min


NUBURU AO® blue laser enables Keyhole welding at power starting at 150W


Both modes operate SPATTER-FREE™


Superior Resolution

  1. Physics dictates resolution, “spot size” of laser beam: blue >5x smaller than IR
  2. Blue Lasers enable precision, resolution, and higher finish quality


Net Benefit

  1. 3x to 20x print speed performance of IR Fiber Lasers
  2. Larger build envelope
  3. Print or cut smaller, finer features and a superior “net finish”

NUBURU™ High-Power Blue Laser