We are here to provide support for every phase of your blue laser experience.

  • Acquisition: Pre-Installation and installation support gets you online immediately.
  • Daily operation: After sales service to maximize your productivity.
  • Expanding capabilities: Application support to help you open new frontiers in blue laser materials processing.

We have service and application centers in Asia, North America, and Europe so we can ensure you can maximize the capabilities of your blue laser.

Pre-installation & Installation


Each facet of NUBURU laser systems are designed with your customer experience in mind. That begins with a simple and straightforward checklist so you can get your blue laser operating quickly. 



Our expert technical team is available to provide on-site support for your initial system installation. We’ll get your system up and running right away, and provide start-up and operation training for your staff.

Our lasers are designed for robust and reliable integration in your production line. Should you have any issues, the graphical user interface guides you through the troubleshooting process.



Technical Support

If you have questions or need to address any issues, we are standing by, ready to help with:

  • Diagnostics
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • RMAs
  • Spare parts
  • Application guidance

Contact Technical Support


All new technology comes with a learning curve. Our in-class and web-based training programs are designed to help your team get a jump start on maximizing your new blue laser system capabilities. Training includes:

  • Setup process
  • Operation principles for your laser and accessories
  • System maintenance
  • How to troubleshoot issues

Learn more about our training program.


    Application Center

    As you bring the power of the blue laser to your applications, you can accelerate your development by leveraging our expertise. In conjunction with customers and partner organizations, we have tested and optimized copper, aluminum, steel welding, and joining dissimilar metals. With this experience we can help you discover how your blue laser can improve and optimize your materials processing application. We have our full range of products, accessories and specialized application capabilities available, including:

    • On-Stream Weld Imaging
    • Metallurgy (Cross Sectioning, Sanding/Polishing, Etching) Headquarters Only
    • High Magnification Microscope

    To explore how we can help advance your product development, complete the Application Request Form. We’ll route your request to the most appropriate test site, and get the conversation started.

    Application and Service Centers


    7442 Tucson Way, Suite 130
    Centennial, CO 80112
    Tel: +1(720) 767-1400

    Connect Fiber Optics

    Shanghai, China
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    Taipei, Taiwan
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    Laser 2000 GmbH

    OPTO Science, Inc

    Tokyo, Japan
    Tel: +81-3-3356-1064

    RayVis, Inc

    Seoul, South Korea
    Tel: +82-2-3461-1103

    Laser Optronic S.r.l

    Milano, Italy
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    Madrid, Spain
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    Laser 2000 Ltd.

    Huntingdon, United Kingdom
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    Laser 2000 SAS

    Pessac, France
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    Laser 2000 Benelux CV

    Vinkeveen, The Netherlands
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    Trokut Solutions Pvt Ltd

    Mumbai, India
    Tel: +91-9324299246/47

    NUBURU Inc.

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