Many Metals. Many Industries. One Solution: NUBURU Blue Laser Technology

Applications by Industries

NUBURU’s industrial lasers combine the inherent advantages of blue light compared with longer wavelengths for processing metals, together with the superior reliability and lower cost-of-ownership of an all-semiconductor source. This makes them an ideal solution for metal processing applications across a wide range of industries.

Battery Manufacturing and Integration for E-Mobility

E- mobility manufacturers face the need to dramatically increase production volumes and lower unit costs – but without sacrificing product quality in any way. NUBURU blue lasers are a key enabler in achieving this goal. These economical sources perform high-speed, spatter-free, no defect welding of copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and even dissimilar metals, to increase production throughput, improve yields, and enhance quality.
Applications include:

  • Cylindrical, prismatic and pouch cell manufacturing
  • Cell integration
  • Wire welding

Cell Phone and Consumer Electronics Manufacturing

As consumer electronics pack more functionality and performance into ever smaller devices, manufacturers are challenged to develop assembly technologies that produce extremely small features with high precision and minimal heat affected zone. Conduction mode metal welding and soldering with NUBURU blue lasers meets these requirements in a way that can’t be matched by other lasers or alternative technologies.

Applications include:

  • Vapor chamber sealing
  • Soldering copper and silver electrical contacts and connectors
  • Laser soldering

Sensor Packaging for Medical and Automotive

Both automotive and medical sensors must deliver continuous, fault-free operation – even when exposed to operating environment variations or harsh conditions such as mechanical shock and vibration. The reliability of weld joints, seals, and solders is mission critical for these products and cannot be compromised. NUBURU blue lasers consistently deliver low electrical resistance and high mechanical strength welds and solder connections on miniaturized components. This enables automated, cost-effective reliable production of these often price sensitive components.

Applications include:

  • Hermetic sealing
  • Wire welding
  • Wire soldering
Sensor Packaging

Additive Metal Printing

Additive printing of actual production metal parts promises to reduce costs and increase flexibility for many manufacturers. But current 3D metal printers based on IR lasers suffer from limitations in speed and precision set by the laser wavelength itself. They simply can’t deliver everything that manufacturers need to fully exploit this technology. NUBURU blue lasers break through this barrier. The strong absorption of blue light in metals, together with the intrinsic ability to focus blue light better than IR, enables much faster 3D printers that can also produce more detailed and intricate parts.
Applications include:

  • Powder bed copper additive 3D metal printing
  • DED/wire copper additive 3D metal printing


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