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NUBURU, The Blue Laser Company™, has invented and is manufacturing the world’s first revolutionary high-power blue laser

Our application-centric platform of high-power blue lasers can transform metal cutting and welding, and additive manufacturing

Nuburu Laser Focus WorldNUBURU Prism Awards Finalist


Superior Efficiency

  1. Physics dictates the efficiency of energy absorption: Compared to industry-standard IR wavelength, blue absorption is 3 – 20x better
  2. Blue Laser enable process speed gains of 2-10x

Net Benefit

  1. 2x to 10x metal processing performance of IR fiber lasers that are the current industry-standard
  2. Dramatically improves process performance and process windows
  3. Blue Lasers enable welding processes not possible or with low yields with IR

NUBURU AO® blue lasers enables conduction welding mode currently not possible with infra-red lasers

  1. Thin and mid-size thicknesses
  2. Up to 25m/min


NUBURU AO® blue laser enables keyhole welding at power up to 500W


Both modes operate SPATTER-FREE™