The Additive Manufacturing Solution for Copper and Dissimilar Metals

The Welding Solution for Copper, Aluminum and Dissimilar Metals


No Spatter  ·  No Voids  ·  Virtually No Defects

NUBRURU’s Industrial Blue Lasers Leverage Fundamental Physics and Their High-Brightness, High-Power Design to Produce the Fastest, Highest Quality Laser Materials Processing, Including Laser Welding and Additive Manufacturing of Copper, Gold, Aluminum and Other Industrially Important Metals.

Physical Advantage of Industrial Blue Lasers

Fundamental Physics Gives Blue Light Unique Capabilities

Copper, Gold, Aluminum — and many others absorb blue laser light better than other wavelengths. The physics of blue makes NUBURU® the best choice for many materials processing applications.

The Importance of Brightness

GaN Chip-based Design Delivers Peak Energy Density to Target Materials

Materials processing is all about delivering energy to a target area.
Higher brightness means higher efficiency — More energy transfer from the laser light to the workpiece.

Blue Laser Welding

Blue Laser Welding is Optimum Choice for Copper Welding

High material absorption and efficient energy transfer make NUBURU’s industrial blue laser the optimum choice for welding copper, aluminum, and other reflective metals.

Blue Laser Additive Manufacturing

Industrial Blue Lasers Bring High Quality and Speed to Additive Manufacturing

Laser-assisted processes are preferred for cladding and coating with metallic materials. High efficiency, high speed, and high quality are as important here as for welding — and the blue laser excels in all facets.


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