Highest Brightness Blue Laser Brings New Capabilities to Metal

The NUBURU 1.5 kWatt AI-1500 very high brightness blue laser offers the first ever ability to integrate a blue laser with standard scanning systems.

20 JAN 2019, Centennial, CO — With the release of the AI-1500, NUBURU is extending the award-winning capabilities of the ground-breaking AO® blue laser series.  The NUBURU AO-150 and AO-500 introduced the world to defect-free copper welding.  That unprecedented performance has been honored with a host of industry recognitions, including 2018 acknowledgement as a Photonics Spectra Prism Award finalist and a Laser Focus World Innovator’s Platinum recipient; and 2019 commendation as a Laser Focus World Innovator’s Gold recipient and the Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award winner.

Those industry awards stemmed from the blue laser’s ability to leverage the fundamental physics of absorption to weld copper faster and better than any alternative technology.  That advantage also extends to a number of other industrially important reflective metals: such as aluminum, gold, nickel, and stainless steel. The AI-1500 brings those same physical advantages to a 1500-Watt compact package with a beam parameter product of 11 mm-mrad.  The extreme high brightness opens new metal processing capabilities, including the first and only ability to integrate blue laser technology in standard industrial scanning systems, and a weld speed from 2X to more than 20X that of infrared lasers.

NUBURU will be highlighting the AI-1500 and the ground-breaking AO-series lasers at Photonics West, booth 3031. They’ll also be launching and showcasing the new 200-Watt AO-200.


NUBURU instantaneously changed the laser materials processing field in 2017, with the introduction of the first industrially relevant blue laser.  Since then, the company has distinguished itself by improving blue laser technology, continuously maintaining its position at the forefront of this burgeoning market.


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