NUBURU Announces Blue Laser Showcase at Upcoming Conferences in US and Europe

CENTENNIAL, Colo.—April 25, 2023—NUBURU, Inc. (“NUBURU” or the “Company”) (NYSE American: BURU), a leading innovator in high-power and high-brightness industrial blue laser technology, today announced that the Company plans to showcase its current AO® product line and new NUBURU BL™ product line at two upcoming conferences:

  • The 30th Advanced Laser Application Workshop (ALAW) at the Suburban Collection Showcase in Novi, Michigan from June 13-15, 2023, which focuses on the e-mobility market.
  • The LASER World of Photonics exhibition in Munich, Germany from June 27-30, 2023, which is one of the largest photonics exhibits with over 30,000 attendees expected. This event provides a platform for NUBURU to showcase the new NUBURU BL product line to a global audience.

The NUBURU AO-150 and AO-650 already introduced the world to low or no defects in both copper welding and copper 3D printing applications, and with the release of the BL-125 and BL-250, NUBURU is extending the award-winning capabilities of the ground-breaking AO® blue laser series. Copper welding is important because of the rapid rise in electrification of everything that moves and the rising demand for higher performance batteries with greater reliability. NUBURU has been honored with numerous industry recognitions, including two Award finalist and a Laser Focus World Innovator’s Platinum recipient; and a commendation as a Laser Focus World Innovator’s Gold recipient and the Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award winner.

These industry awards were achieved primarily based on the blue laser’s ability to leverage the fundamental physics of absorption to weld and 3D print copper more efficiently than current infrared laser technology. This advantage also extends to a number of other industrially important reflective metals, such as aluminum, gold, nickel, and stainless steel. The NUBURU BL products bring those same physical advantages to a compact package. The extreme high brightness has the potential to open new metal processing capabilities, including the first and so far only integration of blue laser technology in standard industrial scanning systems, and a welding speed from 2x up to 8x that of infrared lasers when welding thin copper materials.

About Nuburu

Founded in 2015, NUBURU is a developer and manufacturer of industrial blue lasers that leverage fundamental physics and their high-brightness, high-power design to produce a faster, higher quality laser than currently available alternatives in materials processing, including laser welding and additive manufacturing of copper, gold, aluminum and other industrially important metals. NUBURU’s industrial blue lasers produce minimal to defect-free welds that are up to eight times faster than the traditional approaches — all with the flexibility inherent to laser processing.

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